The Lego Batman Movie

In what is most likely the first of two reviews this weekend I went to see The Lego Batman Movie. TLBM is more a spinoff than a direct sequel to The Lego Movie. It is centered around Batman (Will Arnett) who is the same cocky, egotistical, metal music loving Batman from The Lego Movie who is also a Lego Master Builder.

The movie is basically an interesting and valid take on the “Batman as loner” theme prevalent in much of Bat-mythology. The Joker (Zach Galifianakis) understands that he and Batman have a relationship where they are dependent on each other as hero and villain but Bats doesn’t see it that way. He refuses to acknowledge how Joker is even a part of who Batman is as a hero. Deep down Batman is still the little boy who lost his parents and is afraid of making new bonds of any sort. That and clown-snakes.

Joker comes up with a plan to make Batman realize how he needs the Joker which involves releasing all the major baddies to which Warner Bros. has access upon Gotham City. The hows of this are a bit too much to go into here but it was fun. I was most surprised Ralph Fiennes, who voices Alfred Pennyworth, did not do double duty in voicing the Lego version of a wizard who-shall-not-be-named.

Overall the movie was good. On par with The Lego Movie. I liked it more but I have a Batman bias. You may recall that while I liked The Lego Movie I didn’t think it was great. It didn’t do anything wrong to allow people to give it a negative review which is why I think it has 98% Rotten Tomatoes approval rating. I think TLBM had more story but again, I have a Batman bias.

I am going to comment on the environs for this viewing. I saw it at the AMC Showplace 16 which does not have assigned seating. I sat in one of the handicapped seats at the top of the “pit” (non stadium seating portion) where I might sit if I were viewing 3D so it would encompass my field of vision even though I saw TLBM in standard. This was a good thing as the theater screwed up and did not show any trailers and never turned down the lights. The movie was listed as starting at 10:00 and it started at 10. I was forward enough in the theater the lighting didn’t bother me but they had the sound a little low as well.

FYI-If you’re trying to avoid kids a 10:00AM showing for a major family movie is not the time to go.