Movie Round Up

I saw Wonder Woman yesterday and during the write up I realized I missed a few things so a quick three film roundup.
Wonder Woman
June 2

Everyone says it’s the best of the the DCEU films which only include Man of Steel, BvS, and Suicide Squad. This doesn’t say very much unless you actually liked one of those. I didn’t. Not really. Rest assured Wonder Woman is worth seeing and I found it good but not great. In the long run it’s probably better than most Marvel films including recent hits Doctor Strange and both Guardians.

Wonder Woman starts in the present sometime after BvS showing Diana (Gal Godot) reminiscing about the photo of her from World War I. Apart from this framing sequence the movie is very much an origin story about how Diana came to be. It starts with Diana as a young girl on Themescyra, a hidden island of Amazons, learning the arts of combat and philosophy, but mostly combat, and growing up to become the Amazon’s greatest warrior. Her real origin is she was sculpted from clay and given life from the gods. This is only discussed briefly in the film but it’s such an interesting origin I was surprised it wasn’t shown. I’m sure it offended some religion (or maybe all of them) so there’s a probably reason it’s only mentioned in passing.

Then men intrude upon the Amazon’s world in the form of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and the Germans chasing him. These are WWI Germans and are not Nazi’s. After this lethal encounter Diana and Steve are off to stop WWI. There is a good deal of fun with Diana’s naivete at how simple it will be to stop the war and a lot of Steve trying to convince her to just do things the way they need to be done even though he doesn’t have the time to explain why.Gadot and Pine had decent chemistry though it was better for comedy than romance. The No Man’s Land battle was spectacular. The ending fight not so much. Though I liked the overall message Diana presented in combat. The biggest surprise was seeing David Thewlis (Lupin in the Harry Potter films) in a small part.

No stingers.

Guadians of the Galaxy vol. 2
May 6

This was very much the same film. If you liked the first one, or most Marvel films you’ll like this. I did. There are a TON of stingers at the end of this film Four to five depending on what you count as a stinger.

Riffrax: Samurai Cop
April 13

Hilarious as expected. I changed up from Cantera to see it at Showplace 16 at 95th and rte. 59 and this was a mistake as I was the only one in the theater. This allowed for me to leave my phone on but otherwise was kind of weird. I had never seen Samurai Cop so all of it was new.