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Some random thoughts on Wonder Woman after seeing it a second time.

I really hate her BvS music theme. That atonal, jangly, guitar thingy. Though it is different enough to be memorable — I can’t think of either Bat’s or Supe’s themes.

It pains me at how stupid Ares was. After his reveal and her declining to join him, why didn’t he just run off and continue to destroy the world?

Despite that bit of negativity it is incredibly well paced and there are no slow bits. It’s almost 2 1/2 hours but it goes quickly. Even the problems with Ares are overcome by having them occur during fighty bits.

I got to see the 2009 animated Wonder Woman with Keri Russel and Nathan Fillion after the first viewing but before the second. The live action borrowed heavily from it. It was funnier but the overall message was not as deep or well done. Fillion as Trevor was hilarious. Bound by the Lasso of Truth he utters “I’ve had enough of this crap!” The amazons ask “Crap? We are not familiar with this term. What does it mean?” Steve tries to resist the lasso “no, I can’t tell you” but is compelled. “It is another word for… excrement,” he says shocking the amazons. That and still under the influence of the lasso, he tells Hippolyta (Virginia Madsen) “I’m staring at your daughter’s rack.”