Kerry the Vampire Slayer

So Kerry the Vampire Slayer (KtVS) can be divided into two sections: pre-Karina and post-Karina. While waiting for Shawn to come up with his guest script, the concept just hit me one day. Kerry's name even lent itself perfectly to a Buffy-style logo. I did a couple of Shawn as Angel strips and even scripted what became the second KtVS storyline.

Then I met Karina. She was tall, had a pierced lip, and blue streaks running thought her hair. I did a quick lil' Karina sketch, cast her as Faith (who I found more interesting than Buffy) and I had my muse. You'll notice that I focus far more on her than I do on anyone else.

Technically a series 2 run with us playing tv roles, the volume of KtVS in comparison to other things gives it its own section.

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