Kerry, the Vampire Slayer

This is the first series of Kerry the Vampire Slayer strips. It was very by-the-seat-of-my-pants.

Standard post-Karina casting:
Kerry - Buffy
Shawn - Giles
Chris - Angel
Karina - Faith
Kevin - Riley
Marty - Wesley
Rick - Xander

I was playing a lot with my style at this time. The bug-eyes was a thing I was trying and quickly abandoned it. As far as storyline, I still had no idea where this was going. It started just as a variation of lil' Crackers Series 1.

This was it for the nothing strips. It was time for more of an extended narrative.

The real beauty of knowing your audience - a recap of things that were never drawn yet still happened. When this was made, the last panel hadn't happened yet on Angel. Dave Gibbons as the cop in panel 4 (employee, not british artist.)

My favorite individual lil' Crackers. I like the layout, the art, the pacing and the dialog.

I love chick fights. There's no other reason for this to last more than 1 strip.

Pat as Lindsey and John & Jamie as Wolfram and Hart.

I wonder where Marty went? Chip as Jonathan from the season 4 episode "Superstar"

Again with the deus ex machina. Adrianne as Anya. Part of her real-life job tasks was to return toys to stores that weren't bought there.

And we're sorta back, full circle. So in Buffy, Xander and Faith slept together, thus it implied that Rick and Karina did as well. Karina found it as memorable as Faith did.

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