This was the third series of Kerry the Vampire Slayer strips I did and the lil'Crackers run of which I'm most proud. (The reason for the direct link from the main lil' Crackers page.) Based heavily on the Buffy episode HUSH where the whole town had their voices stolen and no one spoke for more than half the episode.

Standard post-Karina casting:
Kerry - Buffy
Shawn - Giles
Chris - Angel
Karina - Faith

Hush started with Buffy daydreaming in class. It involved a little girl who sung about the arrival of the Gentlemen, the villains that episode. Tillmans is the last name of the guy I cast as the Gentlemen which is why they're the Tillmen. The song is sung to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Kerry had a mohawk when she was younger.

Originally the first strip, which is why the title is listed there in the last panel. The guy who gets killed is Ian.

That's Cavalone dancing with Karina. The only non-work-related guest in lil' Crackers.

Darren plays the role of the Tillmen's Lackeys. I never tire of killing Darren. NEVER.

742 Evergreen Terrace is, of course, the home of Homer and Marge Simpson.

I screwed up inking the background in the first panel (which is why it's all black instead of backgroundy) and it sucked the life out of me for this strip. I rushed the rest of it and if I were to redo any, it would be this one.

See? Never get tired.

NEVER! The background of panel 1 was supposed to show the Tillmen about to cut open Kerry. For the last panel, I was going to put in a Speak-n-Spell but instead went with a tracheal microphone.

This was to be the last episode but then I had an idea for...


I was often asked why I never included myself in the KtVS strips. There really wasn't a good spot. I thought of casting myself as Gunn in an Angel series (the token minority) but in Buffy? When Dawn was brought in I figured if there was character I was most opposite it was her. Plus I've always wanted to be a young girl! *Sigh*

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