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After Angel

It started the day after the Angel series finale when Shawn said "At least Gunn is dead." Of course he wasn't. We didn't see him die and on tv, if you don't see 'em die, they ain't dead! Even when you do, sometimes they still ain't dead. I quickly came to Gunn's rescue by stating a what happened next similar to this. And then I thought, "I can go even one better, I'll draw it."

But you can't go home again. There were to be five episodes but as I started work on it, I realized I just didn't care. Maybe three people besides myself would understand everything so I compressed it all into one very verbose strip. It became more an exercise of how much I could imply in that tiny space than anything else.

Steph - Illyria
Nurss - Gunn
Chris - Angel
Mike - Spike
Karina - Faith
Kerry - Buffy

Only one person could play The Immortal but I went with Shawn anyway. This makes him the everyman of KtVS, having played Angel, Giles and The Immortal. Dal ended up as Wesley (he used to be Willow) because Marty's tenure at Graham Crackers was quite brief and I figured his inclusion would mean even less people would know what was happening. I doubted either would care, off-screen death and all.

All the backgrounds were to indicate they were in a hospital waiting to see how Nurss was doing but I never drew them. If you saw the Angel episode, The Girl in Question, The Immortal got his share of action and then some. I figure he'd just go to town with the lil' League of Slayers.

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