Series 1

The first of the official strips. I had been doodling little stuff on inter-store faxes and such before but nothing structured.

Written by Shawn. I abandoned him as a writer immediately after and we wouldn't work again until the Market Report.

I was channeling Berke Breathed and a quick nod to Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2.

A customer we referred to as "Mr. Stomach" would frequent the stores in search of hentai anime. He smelled.

The entire Marvel Universe was involved in the Onslaught storyline which was reflected here. Skippy was me channelling Berke Breathed again. He's essentially the Banana PC 5000, with tint control. Darren is "that moron 'D'". I tend to kill Darren when he appears in a lil' Crackers.

First showing for Bobby.

Brad hated his caricature more than anything.

The lost recap episode. Apparently no one received this one. Dan's a puppet. I don't remember why but he's consistently a puppet when he appears.

Me starting to play with Japanese. I was really bad. I still am but at least I recognize what I'm doing now.

For some reason I thought Saiyan was spelled Saigin. Dan had shaved off his mohawk in real life so I wrote it into the story. He thought it was funny the way I worked it in.

A little deus ex machina never hurt anyone.

Chris had left the company by the time this was finished and I thought it made a good endcap to the series.

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