The Transitional Epsiodes

In my head these fit between Series 1 and Series 2 though that really isn't the case. They just don't fit in anywhere else.

A look at what an evening of nerdiness entails. Buds was one of our haunts but has long since closed down. We would spend hours playing trivia video games, drinking and eating deep fried foods. From left to right: Dal, Dan, Paula, Jayson, Pat, Me, Mike, Bobby.

We had a mock wrestling federation, Graham Crackers Wrestling Federation (GCWF), where the employees created characters and finishing moves. The swastika on one of the signs is because someone's wrestling persona was "Hitler's Pimp." I was Chan, the Immortal, member of the powerful faction The Four Aces. My finishing move was the Miyazaki which everyone was afraid of mostly because they couldn't remember what it was (a guillotine leg drop.)

Co-written with Pat and Dal, this was done after series 2 but before Kerry the Vampire Slayer. There was a contest to guess what the first sign said and the winners got to script a lil' Crackers.

Super Karina was the Last lil' Crakcers I did (apart from 2005's "What happened after the Angel finale?" episode) and I went all out. I broke out the tone and even measured the lettering! (Ruling lettering was a hassle, only Shush and Saving Private Byron got the ruled lettering treatment.) There was another scripted panel in between 2 and 3 with her defending the Tobacco industry but cut for space concerns as much as anything else. If I remember right it was a birthday request from/for Karina. Maybe it was from her for her brother. Something like that.

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