Series 2

Series 2 was more about casting us in iconic, pop-culture roles.

Bobby as Luke, Skippy as R2D2, and Jayson as Han with Dal as Chewbacca. The Batvan had license plates that actually said "BATVAN". In those days, the Batvan made the trip to Diamond Distributors to pick up the comics for all the stores. They use a truck now.

Bobby told stories of how Marine basic training was so difficult, that if a Marine transfered to another branch of the armed forces he didn't have to go through basic training again. Brad as Yoda. By this stage Brad hated his caricature SO much I was told he shouldn't see this episode.

He's thinking 'sucker'. Jamie as Vader.

Dan, once bald, became the perfect universal alien in the lil' Crackers casting office. There's a sketch of Dan as Darth Maul somewhere. If I track it down it'll end up in the sketchbook section. Chris G. as Jabba.

We loved Babylon 5 when it was on. Look, Dan again. Shawn as Londo, Skippy as Kosh and Mike as Mr. Morden.

Done as a birthday gift to Mike, who got to be No.6. It, much like any Prisoner adaptation, made no sense. John as the first No.2, me as the second. Angelo Muscat plays the butler as always.

Darren is the victim here. I love killing Darren. Me as Dallas. Sigourney as Ripley.

From L2R:
Top Row:
Jamie - Gendou
John - Kouzou
Pat - SEELE Commander
Front Row:
Bobby - Asuka
Mike - Shinji
Rick - Toji
Me - Kensuke
Shawn - PenPen
Dal - ?

Was to be the cover of a newsletter but that fell through for some reason...

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